lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017



My favourite food is rice. It's a really easy  thing to cook.
  • Ingredients you need:
  • Rice (2 cups)
  • Sausages ( one for each person)
  • Tomatoes
  • eggs (one for each person)
  • olive oil (just a little)
  • garlic (a few)
Steps to follow:
First of all you have to put a little olive oil with the garlic in a casserole until to get gold, then you have to add some rice and move it a little bit, next you have to add water 3 times. then you have to add sausages, Then we are going to do the tomato sauce: you have to put the tomatoes in the mixer until they are crushed. 
Until 20 minutes you have to stop the rice and add the eggs IN YOUR PLATE AND NOT IN THE CASSEROLE.
Resultado de imagen de arroz con salchichas
Resultado de imagen de arroz